Best of South India Tours

The southern part of India relates more to religious affairs while the south-eastern part is again nature. Speaking of nature tours, entire south is surrounded by Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal so you get to see and experience the richness of beaches that vary in culture yet are united by the waters.

Among the other attractions of the Southern India are the festivals. For example, there is a race of boats during the festival of Onam. Similarly, a kite festival is organized in early January. There are many more festivals that you might want to absorb into your life just for sake of sharing it with others in your life.

South India tours can roughly be divided into

• Festival tours, 
• Retreat Tour (Nature Tour) 
• Hill Station Tours (Enjoy the different hills and related sports) and 
• Temple Tour

South India Festival Tours

South India festival tours are the best way to look into the diverse culture of the region. Though united by nationality, the culture is diverse and it is reflected by the festivals all across the South.

A Kite Festival is organized in January – corresponding to the festival named Pongal. You can even take part in the festival if you know how to fly kites. There are rewards and prizes to be won. Another major festival is of Kerala – Onam festival – that offers boat races where several hundred boats race across the backwaters in Kerala. There are light festivals and dance festivals.

Most of the festival tours start at Chennai and take you through Mahabalipuram, Trivandarum, and other major cities of historic importance before leaving you back at Chennai – which is easily reachable by air, rail and road.

South India Retreat Tour

If you just want to explore the nature and stay with it alone, South India retreat tour is the best for you. Enjoy the beaches, relish the vegetation and stay at one of the Ayurvedic resorts. Ayurveda tours are subset tours where you can stay at one of the Ayurveda resort to enjoy the different types of treatments available for stress, anxiety and other work related problems. If you wish, you can also stay back for treatment of diseases amidst the nature.

South India Hill Station Tours

It has plenty of hills and hence, plenty of hill stations. The Hill stations are marked with small townships on the way to the hill tops surrounded by even more hills. You can stay at one of these places to strengthen your bonds with the nature.

In addition, these are the places perfect for trekking, paragliding and rock climbing. If you are interested in backpacking, South India hill station tours are the best for you.

South India Temple Tours

This beautiful city is known for its rich heritage that includes different types of temples. These are the temples that reflect ancient Indian history as these were left untouched from the external invaders of likes Arabs and Moghuls etc who destroyed many temples in the Northern part to replace them with own prayer places.

Your tour operator will tell you about all the temples he will take you to. You can get more information about individual temples on the Internet.

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