Paris and Rome with Teens

This was a family trip – sort of a “last hurrah” before our eldest son heads off to college this fall. We spent the first week in Paris and the second week in Rome. We flew Ryan Air from Paris to Rome and we rented apartments in both cities.

First here is how much our trip cost (something I wondered a LOT about before we left – hopefully it will help you plan!)

Flights Jet Blue (Rochester, NY to NYC and back) $467.60 Delta (NYC to Paris and Rome to NYC) $3369.41 Ryan Air (Paris to Rome) $236.08 Total flights $4073.09

Apartments Paris $1708.00 Rome $1531.68

Tours: Segway (Paris) $380.00 Context Rome (Rome – two tours) $614.40

All other total daily expenses (excludes all the above stuff): $3565.05

Trip Insurance $237.00

TOTAL TRIP $12,109.41

Paris averaged $268.39/ day and Rome averaged $227.23/day (excludes accommodations/airfare/airport transfers)

Excluding only flights we averaged $574 per day for the four of us, or $144 per person.

There is a link to our photos to the right.

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