Trip to Rome and Paris with Eight Year-Olds

In June 2005, my family – consisting of my husband, my eight year old twin daughters, and myself set off for Europe. We spent one week at a villa just outside Rome and five days in Paris.

The girls and I started from NYC. My husband met us later that day. Our first task was to get to JFK. We had plenty of time so I chose to take the cheap route, which was the public bus to the airport rather than the Airtrain from Jamaica. We took the Q3 from Jamaica. It cost $2 each and took about a half hour at midday to get to Terminal 4. From there we took the free Airtrain to our terminal. We took British Air to Manchester, England and then to Rome. I had ordered kids meals, which was pasta and chips that my kids liked. The flight and transfer at Manchester went smoothly.

Upon arriving in Rome, I again chose the cheap route and took the less expensive “slow” train from the airport (the regional FM1 which is listed as Roma Tiburtina, Fara Sabina, Poggio Mirteto or Orte and cost five euros for me and was free for the kids). It took about a half hour to get to central Rome. I bought a one euro metro/bus ticket for me at the Rome station (again the kids were free) for the public bus to our villa. We had rented a car at the villa which turned out to be a real plus making travel to nearby cities very easy.

We traveled to Paris via daytime train using family Eurailpasses. (I had forgotten to have the train passes validated at Fiumicino Airport when we arrived which was a bit inconvenient since I had to make a special trip to do it later.) The train trip was long but my children enjoyed it. We had cards, food, puzzles books for them. The return flight from London to JFK had kid food that they couldn’t eat (but good adult food). They gave the kids a fun pack with a mini electronic game and a little activitiy booklet which my children loved and that entertained them for some time.

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