Two Weeks in Maiori, Amalfi Coast, Italy

This is a story of our first trip with our 18 month baby.

I traveled a lot by myself, with my husband and with my parents when I was young, however this time I was getting really nervous, as we decided to try traveling with our 18 month baby. I tried to anticipate everything in order to be prepaired as much as possible for this trip. So I made reservations of airplane tickets in February, and then I started looking for an accomodation. We decided to rent an apartment so we could have a kitchen and prepair meals for the baby and sterilize the bottles for his milk.

Our choice of destination was Maiori because this town is flat and it would be easy for us moving with a stroller. Moreover, there is a beach that seemed nice. So I found an aparthotel on the beach: Residence Hotel Panoramic and we booked a bilocal apartment with balcony and sea view.

I called Lufthansa in March to ensure that they would make a reservation of two bulkhead seats for us, as our baby was traveling on our lap and it would be really hard keeping him on our knees for 7-8 hours. Lufthansa personel was really helpful and made reservations as soon as I mentionned that we will be traveling with a young baby.

I made arrangements for our airport to/from hotel transfers with Sea Horse Taxi company.

I have discussed with other parents who travelled with young children to prepair myself as much as possible. So, a week before our trip I felt in confidence and started to relax a bit more.

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